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Secure real time streaming web video for Schools, Childcare, Kennels, Doggie Daycares, etc.. Increase enrollment and earnings through our affordable comprehensive cloud based video solution.

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abcKam has the most extensive secure web based platform, using fully digital daycare cameras for streaming digital web video “ daycare webcams” on the market, that we have ever heard of! Our system can be used for: childcare cameras, school cameras, doggy daycare cameras, nursing home cameras etc. Everything is controlled from our servers in a climate controlled secure computer room with replication for no downtime, not an old fashion CCTV system and DVR at your center. With our user friendly web based platform you control the digital camera servers in your facility that each client can see; even controlling what days and hours of the days you’re clients can view the childcare webcams!

Our digital web camera system allows for unlimited viewership! All of our childcare webcams come with a three year worry free warranty, and our entire package can be purchased or you can lease to own our system for $0 down. Remote viewing of our daycare webcams on any PC or smart phone can be done just by logging into our secure site, requiring no software downloads. On top of all that you also get a calendar of events, to post what's happening at your center, and bulletin boards, to post messages to your parents. You will also be able to see who is online at all times, along with a history of everyone who logs on, right from your web based control panel. You can shut down cameras with a click of the
button, or pull up parent info all from your secure site anywhere in the world with internet access! We also do full marketing web sites customized for your center! Since we are truly a national company with technicians in your town, we also provide free site surveys. The fact is we provide you so much that we could go on for a long time, best to call for your free no hassle online demonstration. We also guarantee to beat any hosting price for comparable service that is sent to us in writing!

Bottom line is: We offer easy to use high quality digital cloud based video access that you can control from anywhere in the world with internet access, with local technicians in YOUR town to assist you with installation and to support your worry free warranty, along with our nationally based engineers and account managers! The other guys: Are probably using old fashion CCTV cameras with a DVR, and are hundreds if not thousands of miles away.

If your center was previously being hosted by Kinderview and they are no longer providing your service, abcKam can get your cameras up and hosted with minimal cost and possibly lower hosting rates. All with the most comprehensive cloud based platform on the market. Please go to request a quote section or email us at questions@abckam.com

abcKam can provide former Kinderview centers a better cloud based hosting platform at the same or lower rate.