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Information for Centers is committed to bringing your client base a superior, safe and user-friendly service. You are already providing a needed service for the community, and now you can make that service more comforting and enjoyable while relieving clients anxiety.

    1. Whether you chose to purchase or lease, you own the equipment. With some other companies the lease never ends.

    2. Fully digital (not analog) video, with unlimited viewers.

    3. The users don't have to download any software to see our video.

    4. Compatible on all smart phones (I-phone & android) that we are aware of.

    5. We deal with any problems with the users and yourself, with local techs who can come to your site.

    6. You control when each person is allowed to view by day and hour of the day. You never have to worry about shutting cameras off and on, however you can with the click of a button from anywhere in the world.

    7. You can see who is viewing at all times.

    8. Our security is so tight It can even detect if someone is trying to share a username etc., and lock their account. .

The most important information you need to know is that security and privacy are our primary concern.